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Quickly wear xt: villain boss attack!

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Mingshu continued to smile. "That doesn't grow on you." Jiang Xun: ".." It was an illusion that she had changed before. She just quarreled with him in a different way. The temperature of Jiang Xun's whole body dropped a little, and his face was gloomy. Mingshu stepped back slightly. Is this man going to turn black? Do I want to strike first and beat first? Mingshu is considering the feasibility of this matter, Jiang Xun has turned away, all over the breath of strangers do not enter, acquaintances do not disturb, he passed by the place, the crowd can not help but get out of the way. Mingshu fanned himself with an empty plate. What's wrong with this cheap brother? Oh, whatever, I'm so hungry. "Next, let's welcome today's protagonist, Miss Jiang, to speak. Journalists can ask questions later, but please be calm now!" The host's voice was sweet, and with her words, the lighting engineer hit Mingshu with light. Mingshu hid the plate behind him in an instant, took a step to the side, put it on the table behind him, and walked to the high platform with a smile. Jiang Xun had given her the content of the speech before, and she just needed to memorize it. After the speech, the reporter asked questions. Mingshu pointed to a man casually. Excuse me, Miss Jiang, is Mr. Zhou, who had an affair with you before, your boyfriend and girlfriend? "Mr. Zhou?" Who is it? Does she know him? The original owner has so many gossip objects,large artificial blossom trees, as well as the same surname, where does she know which one? "Next question." “……” The reporter choked, "Miss Jiang, would you please answer?" "Which rule says I have to answer?" If I don't answer, what can you do to me? Besides, I have so many gossip objects. How can I remember who they are? Can you ask someone with technical content? Reporter You have a lot of gossip, and you are very proud of it? No, why is there no technical content in this question? Is she questioning her profession? The reporter next to him took the opportunity to raise a technical question, "Miss Jiang, what is your enmity with Miss Ning?" Mingshu's eyebrows and eyes curved. "That's a long time to say." The reporter below immediately came to the spirit, tense nerves looking at the brilliant woman on the stage, afraid that he would listen to it for a while. I'll make it short-she's not happy. Gone? That's it? Isn't it a long story? What's your length? "What else do you want to hear? I can make one up for you on the spot." Isn't the reason to see her unhappy strong and sincere enough? How many love and enmity, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,fake blossom tree, are from the beginning of these four words. How many feuds and enmities have ended with these four words, what a great four words, what else do you leprechauns want? Reporter # There's something wrong with Big Brother's painting style. Is it my illusion? # Reporters suddenly got a little nervous, although they didn't know what they were worrying about. Excuse me, Miss Jiang, what do you want to say about the replacement of you by the cast of "Everlasting Light"? Is it because of your previous unhappiness with General Manager Li? Does this mean that Starlight Entertainment will compete with BBMG Entertainment in the future? BBMG Entertainment is under the name of Li Shaonan. It can be said that it is the biggest entertainment company in the entertainment circle, holding out the movie emperors and movie queens without a car, but also a dozen. Mingshu smiled. "Yes." The reporter thought that Mingshu would continue to talk nonsense, but who knew that she suddenly said yes and admitted it without any disguise. You just ***ing admit it!!! The reporter's eyes glowed and continued to ask, "May I ask Miss Jiang, is it because of personal enmity or Starlight Entertainment wants to develop in the circle?" What is BBMG Entertainment? The leader of the entertainment circle, now someone wants to challenge the leader, big news! There seems to be nothing wrong with the two questions raised by reporters, but there are traps in them. If Mingshu's answer is that Starlight wants to develop, then she represents not herself, but the Jiang family. And she answered the personal enmity, these reporters do not know how to scribble, saying that she ignored the interests of the family, prodigal and so on must be indispensable. What's the reason? You can ask Li Shaonan. I believe he will speak more grandly than me. Next.
” Reporter So you don't even bother to give a high-sounding reason? "Is Miss Jiang confident that she can manage Starlight Entertainment and Jinyu Entertainment well?" Reporters have an indomitable spirit and persevere in asking questions. Mingshu calmly dealt with the reporters' tricky questions. You asked them tricky questions, and she answered them tricky questions. She also added some drama to herself from time to time. It is estimated that these reporters do not want to see Mingshu again in a short time, and they have a headache when listening to her. Mingshu jumped off the stage and walked from the crowd to the back lounge. When she answered the question just now, she saw that Ning Qing had gone to the backstage and had not come out yet. More terrible Jiang Xun is not, she also has a task, but let Jiang Xun do not like rather clear, must go to pull a wave of hatred value. Mingshu bit Shunlai's apple, tied his long skirt in a knot, and turned his eyes around. I'm really sorry. The voice of Jiao Didi came from the corner. Who else could the voice be except Ning Qing. Mingshu took a step and his eyes shone slightly-he found it. Lady, I'm coming! Mingshu walked to the place where the sound came from. She turned the corner and saw Ning Qingqing, dressed in a white dress, trying to touch Jiang Xun. Jiang Xun blocked her with his hand, looking gloomy. Click. Mingshu took a bite of the apple, and the sound alarmed the people over there. Both of them looked over at the same time. They would rather panic and quickly retreat. Jiang Xun took off his suit, threw it aside, and walked toward Mingshu. Mingshu opened his mouth with a smile. "Ah, Miss Ning, are you going to change the gold owner?"? How sad your Li Shaonan gold owner will be. "Read, just now." Jiang Xun opened his mouth to explain. Sister Jiang Nian, I have nothing to do with General Manager Jiang. Rather Qing interrupted Jiang Xun, his face full of grievance, "you must not misunderstand." Vote,artificial coconut palm trees, vote, vote! Monthly vote for Shi Sheng ~ Recommended vote for Mingshu Bixin ~ Chapter 12 Gossip Queen (12). I would rather clear this explanation to make people believe that she has no desire, it is simply a misunderstanding. hacartificialtree.com


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